Pendar Film™ is an independent  film production company.
  We produce independent feature films, documentaries, and unique television commercials.
  We produce underwater films and environmental documentaries.
  also, we conduct research for film and TV productions in the development and pre-production stages.
  PendarFilms’ administrative offices and in-house editing suites are conveniently located in the center of Tehran.


  - In addition to creating its own programs, PendarFilm offers a full range of film and video services in all stages of production for  outside media companies.

  - We are equipped with the manpower and technical facilities to assist you with the development, production and edit of any length project.

  - Our staff is experienced in creating industrial and commercial programs, TV commercials, music videos, and computer-generated animation.

  - Our in-house non-linear editing facilities include Final Cut Pro & Avid.

  - PendarFilm can also secure qualified technicians and crew for any size production, including translators, guides, unit production  managers, office coordinators, camera-persons, and more.