Ali - Jafar Abdipour

Born: 1971 Tehran

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Directing from the Art University of Tehran. He has been producing and directing documentaries and short films in Iran since 1992. He has created a large number of industrial and commercial programs. Mr. Abdipour was also a journalist (1991-97) for a leading reformist newspaper, Salaam, which was shut down in 1999.
He is a member of EDN( European Documentary Network) and SONY HD Camera Trainer.

he is a Diver & underwater film maker. 

some of his films has won national & international Awards.






  2009 - Persian Gulf's Aquatics

  2009 - Red Killers

( Winner, ROPME Sea Area Gold Award 2009. Special Jury Award, Belgrade,2009. Diploma Award,Moscow underwater film festival,2010. and....    )

  2008 - Mysterious Death of Dolphins    

  2008 - Dam Construction in Iran

  2005 - A River Passes Thorough It

  2005 - Green, White, Blue

  2004 - The Jewel of  The Zagros

  2004 - Meymand, Lost in Time

  2003 - Great  Bridges of Karun 3

  2002 - Sun Islanders (Winner, Best Director & Best Photographer - Tv Documentaries Festival- Iran)

  2001 - The Kharkhe Dam

  1996 - Barkooleh

Other Activities

  • Underwater Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Calligrapher